Does the title resemble a movie? Yes, it does! It's entirely inspired by the second installation of the Avengers movie; however, Satoshi Nakamoto here refers to Vision instead of Ultron (IYKYK).

If you've watched the first marvel movie, by any chance [you definitely should], you might not forget the scene where Tony [aka Iron Man] takes the nuke to the hole in the sky and falls back out of it just in time. …

The first official currency is thought to have been created in 600 B.C. by King Alyattes of Lydia, now part of Turkey. However, the present system of currency has a vague future. Let’s try and find out why?

Take a $10 bill out of your wallet, observe it closely. Look at the fine fibers it's made up of; it can go through dust, water; maybe it’s tear-resistant for certain countries. But it's still a paper.

What is money?

The fact I’m calling a $100 bill, currency, and not money has a…

According to our Technical analysts, CAKE, BEL, HI, and others are some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in December 2021. You can also earn Free Crypto by investing in them. How? Let’s find out.

November was not a good month, definitely not for bulls. They are wounded and trying their very best to get back up. However, seeing the present market scenarios, it is difficult to predict where bitcoin is headed next.

Apart from this, the Bitcoin crash of 26–11–2021 was primarily due to…

Over 6,000 coins/ tokens are listed on CoinMarketCap, and it's tough to keep track of various coins booming in the market. So here are three of the altcoins you might not have heard of that are doing pretty good right now.

Bitcoin is moving down, and as I said in my previous article on the best cryptocurrencies to buy the dip, it's dragging the entire market with it. But it's still better than storing FIAT in your bank account, isn't it? According to reports, 40% of all US dollars in circulation…

Bitcoin crashed down from 66k to around 58k in around 24 hours, dragging many altcoins with it. However, this has provided us an opportunity to DCA our HODLings and BTFD.

Bitcoin has been continuing the bull run and did a pullback, providing us an opportunity to accumulate more. Further, as we know, since the price metrics of most of the coins or tokens depend on that of bitcoin so as it goes down, they dip as well. …

The hi Dollar was trading at $0.33 on 26th October, and as of 3rd November, it hit a high of 0.93, which is approximately 3x. So, is the hi dollar a good investment opportunity? Let's find out!


hi, or comes out to be a Singapore based not-for-profit organisation striving to bring a financial revolution through its products. Further, Hi comes with an easy to sign-up and get started process and a professional team that knows what they're up to, as Hi was founded in early 2021…

What do you think will FLoki Inu ever hit $0.01 or the one-cent mark? First, then, let’s see why FLOKI INU can be a good investment.

Floki to the moon

Isn’t it another dog coin? Is it?

Floki INU came into existence from a tweet by DOGE father Elon Musk and is based on his own Shiba INU name FLOKI. Not only this, FLOKI is the only coin partnered with Elon’s brother Kimbal Musk’s million gardens movement. …

BTCST aims to bring Bitcoin to DeFi! And seeing its recent growth, it is evident that traders are going all-in on BTCST. But is it going all the way to $1,000 or higher?

BTCST $1000

The BTCST or the Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token is the bridge between Bitcoin and DeFi. Further, each BTCST is collateralized with 0.1 Th/s mining power of BTC.

Further, HODLing the BTCST token and staking it on-chain will make you entitled to Bitcoin mining rewards. …

Prabhat Tiwari

DeFi, Editor (Coinmonks, CoinCodeCap),

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